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Deleted 1 year ago

Awesome!  Glad to see you enjoyed my little game :)

Nice job figuring out the last level!  I honestly don't remember the optimal  bubble count per level.  You certainly have the smallest count from anyone else who has beaten the game and posted their scores :)

Deleted 1 year ago
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Woohoo! I totally cheesed level 18.

Nice work!  You win!  I'm pretty sure you're the first person to ever beat this ;)

18 is a bit lame, yeah.  I haven't quite worked out an elegant solution for it yet.


Amazing! How did you manage to make mobile controls? For me it’s too laggy:/

Touch controls come from:

I modified the template to make the buttons fit better for this game and to add a Menu button (missing from the template).

As for lag, I just uploaded binaries for Windows, Mac, and Linux so maybe give one of those a try?